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About Us: The Perfect Picture Season 2 Journey

“Who can take the Perfect Picture”

Every Sunday from 23 July at 5 PM on Etv.
Catch the repeat on Saturday’s, 5:30 PM on eReality.

The Perfect Picture is a nine-part reality series where ten celebrities with a passion for photography compete against each other to show they have what it takes to step away from the spotlight and move behind the camera! Do they have the best eye for a great picture? The celebs must use their technical and creative skills to show they can take the perfect shot. Let yourself be inspired by the incredible pictures, each with their own stories... and challenges.

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Anele Zondo


Anele Zondo, the ultimate media powerhouse! She's a TV presenter, radio host, actress, MC, and voice-over artist—a true force to be reckoned with. Get ready, because this dynamo from Newcastle Kwazulu Natal is about to rock the second season of The Perfect Picture! Don't miss a moment of Anele's awe-inspiring journey!

Christall Kay


Introducing the multi-talented Christal Kay! She's a reality TV star from Real Housewives of Johannesburg, a sensational singer/songwriter, captivating public speaker, stunning model, and brilliant image consultant. Get ready to see her shine on the second season of The Perfect Picture! Don't miss a moment of Christal's extraordinary journey!

Ivan Roux


Get ready to groove with Ivan Roux! This South African sensation is the epitome of talent and charisma. From humble beginnings playing gigs at local pubs to rocking sold-out arenas, Ivan's musical journey has been nothing short of epic. You might recognise him from Idols SA and Die Kontrak, where he left a lasting impression. With numerous awards and platinum records under his belt, Ivan's performances are a burst of energy that will leave you in awe. Ivan will be joining the fierce competition on The Perfect Picture season 2! Let's cheer him on and witness greatness in action!

Gugu Khathi


Introducing Gugu Khathi, a beloved South African celeb and social media personality! Award-winning entrepreneur, Forbes-featured maven, reality TV star, TEDx talker, real estate mogul, and passionate philanthropist. Get ready to witness her captivating journey on the upcoming second season of The Perfect Picture. Don't miss a moment of Gugu's unstoppable rise!

Jonathan Boynton-Lee


Meet the extraordinary Jonathan, a true jack-of-all-trades! From acting and directing to philanthropy and reality TV stardom, this dynamic individual has done it all and then some. He's graced the screens with A-list celebrities, won prestigious awards, and even ventured into the world of filmmaking. Get ready to be entertained as Jonathan brings his undeniable talent to the second season of The Perfect Picture! Stay tuned for more exhilarating adventures from this charismatic, adrenaline-loving family man!

Lasizwe Dambuza


Introducing Lasizwe Dambuza! This charismatic media maestro is not just a trailblazer but also a philanthropic force to be reckoned with. Picture this: he's not only the first African to light up our screens on MTV Africa but has also secured a coveted spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Lasizwe's love for all things media and entertainment knows no bounds, and his talent and wild creativity have catapulted him to international stardom, earning him countless awards and accolades. Now, brace yourselves for the thrill ride of a lifetime as Lasizwe takes centre stage in the highly anticipated second season of The Perfect Picture!

Luyanda Mzazi


Introducing Luyanda Mzazi, aka Lesedi from Generations: The Legacy! Born and raised in Johannesburg, Luyanda knew from a young age that she wanted a career in television. With a passion for both performing and production, she honed her skills at the National School of Arts. Now, she's ready to captivate audiences on the second season of The Perfect Picture! Stay tuned for more from this talented star on the rise.

Nomvelo Makhanya


Get ready to be blown away by Nomvelo Makhanya, a South African powerhouse! She's not just an actor and singer, but also a social media influencer and mental health activist. With a SAFTA award under her belt, she's taking the world by storm, and is the founder of the Silent Crisis mental health awareness movement. And guess what? She's about to bring her magic to the second season of The Perfect Picture! Join the journey, show her some love, and let's cheer on Nomvelo together!

Tshego Koke


Tshego Koke, the TV trailblazer! This charismatic dude has been rocking our screens as an MTV Base VJ since 2017, bringing the heat with his magnetic personality. But wait, there's more! Tshego's talents extend far beyond hosting—he's a fitness enthusiast who's all about that healthy lifestyle. Tshego is about to bring his photography chops to the upcoming second season of The Perfect Picture! Get ready to feast your eyes on his incredible talent behind the lens!

Zahirah Marty


Zahirah, the Dubai dynamo! With her marketing, PR, and TV hosting expertise, she conquered Dubai's glamorous fashion and hospitality scenes. In 2012, she ignited the marketing world with the birth of her brainchild, Think Liquorice—an unstoppable marketing and PR agency that's been turning heads ever since. Oh, and did we mention she's the vivacious host of the travel show "Great Getaways," where she brings the world's wonders right to your screen? Hold onto your seats because Zahirah is about to grace the second season of The Perfect Picture!


Maps Maponyane


Maps Maponyane, a beloved South African personality, is admired for his style and media presence with over 20 years of experience in entertainment. As a TV presenter, model, actor, designer, businessman, and philanthropist, he has made a significant impact locally and internationally. Maps has worked with global brands like Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, IWC, Moet & Chandon, Samsung, and Mercedes Benz SA. He is known for his talent, fashion sense, and versatility. Maps is actively involved in philanthropic efforts, partnering with organisations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF, and WWF SA. As an entrepreneur, he has founded various organisations and businesses, showcasing his passion for start-ups, innovation, and education. Maps's dedication and success speak for themselves.


Hilary O'Leary

International Award-Winning Photographer


Hilary is an acclaimed photographer renowned for her award-winning photojournalistic approach. With a focus on capturing compelling moments and narratives, she has gained recognition for her remarkable work in wildlife photography. Her achievements include winning a Conservation Award in San Francisco and securing 2nd place in the BBC Wildlife Photographer Of The Year People's Choice Award. Additionally, she was chosen to represent the Royal Foundation with an image for their "Royal Mail First Day Cover" amongst numerous other accomplishments. These accolades highlight her dedication to preserving the natural world through captivating visuals. Hilary's photography has also been featured by esteemed organisations like United for Wildlife and WWF, showcasing her versatility and impact. Currently, she specialises in equine sports photography in South Africa, working closely with renowned sports-horse studs and elite competitors. Her images evoke wonder, leaving a lasting positive impression.

Neo Ntsoma

Award-Winning Photographer & Creative Consultant


Neo Ntsoma is an acclaimed photographer, creative consultant, and visual storyteller. Her work has been published in renowned international newspapers, magazines, and books, and exhibited globally. Ntsoma made history in 2004 as the first female recipient of the Mohamed Amin Award and the CNN African Journalist of the Year Photography Prize. She has received prestigious accolades such as the National Geographic All Roads Photography Award. Additionally, Ntsoma has served as a judge for various photography competitions, including the UNESCO Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads and Female in Focus competitions. In 2019, she was featured in the Mail & Guardian's Top 100 Women Changing South Africa.

Guest Judges

Daniel West

Commercial Photographer and Videographer

Episode 1


Daniel is a renowned wedding and commercial photographer, celebrated for capturing captivating, unscripted, emotional moments. His exceptional work has garnered recognition from prestigious international and national photography associations. As a proud member of Fearless Photographers, ISPWP, WPS, and Admired in Africa, Daniel's talent has been acknowledged worldwide. In 2020, he was honored as one of the top 50 wedding photographers globally by ISPWP. Skillfully using natural and artificial light, he weaves a dramatic, romantic journalistic style that deeply engages viewers. Daniel embraces adverse weather conditions, as his fearless and daring brides inspire his commitment to creating timeless photographs.

Stevel Marc

Actor, Photographer, and Published Author

Episode 2


Stevel Marc is a Jamaican-born international model, actor, photographer, published author, entrepreneur, and voice artist. As a photographer, his images have been published in Blaque Magazine, Deadline, Black Magazine, Glamour Magazine, and Gaschette Magazine.

Lee-Roy Luthuli Jason

Acclaimed Photographer

Episode 3


Leeroy Jason, a well-traveled South African photographer, is passionate about visually capturing stories from his homeland and the world. From a young age, influenced by his father's experiences photographing the Rwandan genocide, Leeroy developed a strong artistic vision. He has made his mark in the advertising industry, working on major brand campaigns, while also pursuing personal projects. His inclusive work covers diverse subjects, including land reforms, rural villages, townships, and haute-couture. Leeroy's lens reflects the multicultural realities of our diverse world, addressing socio-economic issues and advocating for human rights through his intimate and impactful imagery.

Matthew Kanniah

Automotive & Lifestyle Content Creator

Episode 4


Matthew Kanniah, known as "The Car Guy," is a car enthusiast and founder of The Heart of Motion. Starting as a cellphone photographer, he honed his skills on Instagram and turned professional in 2017, specialising in digital marketing, social media, photography, and videography. Matthew organises the largest Instagram meet-ups in South Africa, including a record-breaking Instameet in partnership with Canon South Africa. He has executed successful social media campaigns for renowned brands like Porsche, Red Bull, Audi, BMW, and VW. With Canon's endorsement, Matthew aims to make the automotive industry more accessible and globally recognised, particularly for people of color.

Roger Sedres

International Sports Photographer

Episode 5


Roger Sedres is an esteemed South African sports photographer with 33+ years of experience. His journey began in his teens, sparked by his father's gift of a camera. Sedres has mastered the art of capturing emotion and energy in sports events. He has documented prestigious occasions such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Commonwealth Games, FIFA World Cup, and World Athletics Championships. Sedres' work has graced renowned publications worldwide, including The New York Times and The Guardian. As a mentor, he empowers aspiring photographers through workshops and speaking engagements. Sedres' exceptional talent has earned him numerous awards, including the 2022 South African Sports Photographer of the Year. Continually pushing boundaries, he creatively portrays the passion and drama of sports.

OK Majozi

Internationally Acclaimed Photographer

Episode 6


Fundo Majozi, also known as OK Majozi, is a rising star in the South African creative industry. Starting as a journalist, he ventured into photography in 2013, capturing compelling stories through his lens. He founded AMR Studios, specialising in sci-photography, and has produced over 250 artwork covers for Apple iTunes and Spotify, along with international and national billboards. With extensive magazine spreads, Majozi is the go-to PR photographer in the entertainment industry. He now shares his expertise through educational initiatives, empowering aspiring individuals. Majozi has worked with music icons like AKA, Blaq Diamond, and Boohle, among others.

Nina Zimolong

International Photographer

Episode 7


Nina Zimolong is an internationally acclaimed Cape Town-based photographer renowned for her work in fashion, commercial, and fine art photography. With a commitment to perfection, she captures extraordinary moments and weaves captivating visual narratives. Nina's meticulous attention to detail has made her highly sought after in the industry. While skilled in various genres, her fine art photography stands out for its distinctive style and artistic vision. Through her lens, she portrays subjects in a thought-provoking manner, evoking emotions and creating profound connections with viewers.

Prelena Owen

International Award-Winning Wildlife Photographer

Episode 8


Prelena is a South African-Indian wildlife photographer whose love for nature began in her early years. Her first encounter with an elephant ignited her passion for the wild. Despite her corporate job, she has traveled extensively, pursuing her photography addiction. Prelena's work has gained global recognition, winning prestigious competitions like and Art4Apes. She has also been a finalist and winner in Siena, Nature's Best Photography Africa, Denver Audubon, TIFA, MIFA, Golden Turtle, and Natures Best Photography Mkapa Awards. Prelena is dedicated to bringing Africa to Africans, volunteering her photography skills for conservation organisations and educating disadvantaged children about nature's beauty and conservation importance.

Tristan Schäfer

Entrepreneur & Content Director

Episode 9


Tristan is a content director and creative entrepreneur, running successful companies specialising in content creation and documentary filmmaking. He has worked with influential brands like Adidas, Netflix, and Apple, as well as notable personalities such as David Beckham, Tems, and Miguel. Being a hybrid shooter, he excels in various areas of photography and videography, from commercial to wildlife, documentary, fashion, and more. Tristan has received awards, screened at international film festivals, and been featured in magazines, with his commercial work published in over 35 countries worldwide.